We will tell you today what additional services are provided by various hotels and hotels, which of them can be paid and which are free. For example, hotels often offer parking, laundry, spa, massage, preparation of accounting documents, breakfast and many, many others.

Of course, depending on the classification of the hotel and the hotel, various services are offered. If a three-star hotel has a list of services such as parking and breakfast, then a five-star hotel will definitely offer you a beauty salon in the hotel and much more that will help you relax as much as possible.

Also, additional services include the offer of group and individual excursions; ticket sales for cultural events; currency exchange; repair of clothes, shoes, dry cleaning and ironing; souvenirs; rental of space for business negotiations and conferences, and this list of services can relate to both a three-star hotel and a five-star one.

For such hotel options as providing minimal living conditions; wake-up to a certain time; providing various information; providing a first aid kit; calling an ambulance; providing correspondence (or Internet); cleaning of residential premises is not charged.