In order to make it more convenient for all tourists to spend their holidays, humanity has come up with accommodation facilities for a very, very long time. Whether it's a hotel, whether it's a hotel, hostel, apartment - all this is invented in order to answer the requests of each guest. And over time there has been an evolution, the hotel now has different classifications, from one star to five. A hotel or a hotel in the city center, closer to the sights, will cost more than the same accommodation facility, but on the outskirts. Of course, if it is not a five-star hotel, located not quite in the center.

In Turkey, for example, most hotels have five stars, but, unfortunately, you still have to choose the best one on the recommendation of friends and relatives, or navigate by reviews. But even there, the hotel should not be located in the city center (a rarity!), but closer to the sea, because tourism prevails in Turkey, meaning warming your sides on the beach and swimming in the Black Sea.

In Moscow, historical and cultural tourism prevails, that is, most tourists go directly to the city center and look for a means of accommodation there. Therefore, the main number of hotels and inns is located in the very center of the capital.