Hotels of Saint Petersburg

It is convenient to choose hotels in St. Petersburg for a trip on the official websites of hotels and hotels. Choosing a comfortable and inexpensive hotel in a multi-million megalopolis is a challenge for all travelers. Who turns for help to the popular official websites of hotels in St. Petersburg, who turns to the advice of friends who have already lived in one of the hotels.

Official websites of hotels

In the last decade, due to the growing popularity of the city, the number of official websites of St. Petersburg hotels that open new offers of comfortable and convenient accommodation has grown significantly. The traveler can freely choose a comfortable hotel near the metro and popular tourist attractions.

The main feature when choosing such hotels in St. Petersburg is the selection according to the most convenient location in the city, comfort, hotel services and the cost of accommodation.

Types of accommodation in hotels in St. Petersburg

  • ADL (Adult) – an adult, a person who has reached the age of 12 at the time of the trip
  • INF (Infant) - child 0-2 years old
  • CHD (Child) - child from 2 to 12 years old (in some hotels up to 15-18 years old)
  • SNGL + INF (Single + Infant) - 1 adult + child (0-2 years old)
  • SNGL + CHD (Single + Child) - 1 adult + child (2-12 years old)
  • DBL + INF (Double + Infant) - 2 adults + child (0-2 years old)
  • DBL + CHD (Double + Child) - 2 adults + child (2-12 years old)
  • DBL + EXB (Double + Extra Bed) - 2 adults + 2nd adult in an extra bed
  • EXB (Extra Bed) - extra bed
  • Baby coat – baby cot for a child 0 – 2 years old
  • King Size bed – "royal bed" with a width of more than 180 – 220 cm
  • Queen Size bed – "royal bed" 150 – 180 cm wide

Comfortable accommodation in a well-chosen hotel in St. Petersburg is always the key to a successful trip and pleasant memories of traveling to the city on the Neva. Choose accommodation in the center or in a great easily accessible area near the metro.