Convenient hotels in St. Petersburg

As in other cities of Russia, convenient hotels of St. Petersburg are chosen on the website according to their location in the city, giving preference to inexpensive hotels of St. Petersburg near metro stations, additional hotel services provided, which makes accommodation in the city as convenient as possible. The room category and location primarily affect the cost and choice of the hotel.

In the last decade, due to the ever-growing demand for mini-hotels in St. Petersburg, in addition to hotels with the generally accepted classical classification by the number of stars, such cozy and homely mini-hotels have been opened. Corresponding to the average level of economy and comfort, such hotels in a relatively short time have already attracted a lot of regular customers interested in economical and comfortable accommodation.

The main feature of such hotels in St. Petersburg is a small number of rooms, the possibility of personal service and an affordable price. In most cases, they are located in the city center and occupy one or more floors in old St. Petersburg houses.

Hotels of St. Petersburg of a higher category, in addition to staying in a room, provide many additional services, including restaurant services, the opportunity to use a sauna, visit a fitness center and much more.

Types of accommodation in hotels in St. Petersburg

  • ADL (Adult) – an adult, a person who has reached the age of 12 at the time of the trip
  • INF (Infant) - child 0-2 years old
  • CHD (Child) - child from 2 to 12 years old (in some hotels up to 15-18 years old)
  • SNGL + INF (Single + Infant) - 1 adult + child (0-2 years old)
  • SNGL + CHD (Single + Child) - 1 adult + child (2-12 years old)
  • DBL + INF (Double + Infant) - 2 adults + child (0-2 years old)
  • DBL + CHD (Double + Child) - 2 adults + child (2-12 years old)
  • DBL + EXB (Double + Extra Bed) - 2 adults + 2nd adult in an extra bed
  • EXB (Extra Bed) - extra bed
  • Baby coat – baby cot for a child 0 – 2 years old
  • King Size bed – "royal bed" with a width of more than 180 – 220 cm
  • Queen Size bed – "royal bed" 150 – 180 cm wide

Booking of hotels in the center of St. Petersburg can be made by filling out a special form on the official website of the hotel or by contacting the booking agency. Most hotels in St. Petersburg work on prepayment, depending on the rules of the hotel, payment is made for the first day of stay.

The hotel in St. Petersburg is located in an excellent easily accessible area. You can easily walk to the Palace Square, St. Isaac's Cathedral, as well as walk along Nevsky Prospekt - the main street of St. Petersburg with many shops and cafes. The hotel has 45 comfortable rooms with Art Nouveau furniture, a safe, a comfortable bathroom, cable TV and high-speed Internet. Customers can also use the discounted cafe of Russian cuisine and parking in the courtyard (free of charge). The concierge service is at your disposal around the clock.