The cost of cheap hotels 3 stars

Prices of hotels and 3-star hotels in the center of St. Petersburg depend on the season. One of the most inexpensive 3-star hotels are considered with room prices from 2,300 rubles, which offer their guests breakfast, which is included in the price of accommodation. Of course, the cost of a 3-star hotel does not always have a limit of this amount, especially if it is the season. In high season, 3-star hotels become inexpensive in a less budget format, but this is also due to demand.

Prices of three-star hotels
3-star hotels have a variety of prices. As we said, it all depends on the season. The cost of rooms in three-star hotels and hotels, depending on the category of rooms: the first category and the highest category, the location of the hotel and the room area allows you to choose the optimal and comfortable accommodation at an attractive price among inexpensive 3-star hotels for one or a couple of guests or for the whole family. Sometimes accommodation facilities offer apartments - rooms with a kitchen, which are perfect for those who want to save money on cafes and restaurants.

Cheap hotels of 3 stars
On the map of St. Petersburg, most three-star hotels are located in the city center. They provide their guests with the opportunity to stay in the heart of the Northern capital with all the amenities.