Rent a hotel in St. Petersburg

How to rent a hotel room

It is most convenient to make a hotel reservation in St. Petersburg on the website of the hotel itself or a large aggregator such as Yandex.Travel", "Island", "101.hotel". Previously, such were "" or "Tripadvaser". At the moment, on Tripadvisor, you can only read reviews about the accommodation you need, get acquainted with the description of the hotel, and, of course, leave your recommendation.

For those who prefer to remove already proven accommodation facilities, it is most convenient to book hotels directly on the official website. How does hotel booking in St. Petersburg work? Usually tourists find some sales channels and compare room prices with each other. But we will tell you a terrible secret! The most budget price is on the official website of the accommodation facility. Not always, of course, but most often it is. This happens for a simple reason: placing a hotel on various well-known and not very well-known channels costs some money, which is why the cost of a room may be more.

Booking hotels in St. Petersburg

That is why booking hotels in St. Petersburg is a fairly simple process, because if a hotel does not even have its own website, then it will be a little annoying, you agree. There are even some sales channels that sound questionable, and the prices there are questionable, and all the information there is questionable. If in doubt, do not book. It is better to find another hotel, read reviews about it, call the reception and ask them for the information you are interested in. Well, also book a comfortable accommodation in St. Petersburg and rent hotel rooms directly on the hotel's website without intermediaries. You will save a good amount and, of course, you will be sure that you will arrive and not find yourself on the street, because there are a lot of scammers nowadays. It is even better to go to the hotel on the recommendation of friends or relatives.