Cheap hotels in Saint Petersburg

Cheap hotels in St. Petersburg are, as a rule, hotels and hotels with a room cost of about 1900 rubles and hostels (dormitories) with a bed price of 500-700 rubles. In order to find a convenient hotel in St. Petersburg cheaply, a traveler sometimes has to spend a lot of time.

People who come on short business trips or on weekends are often looking for cheap mini-hotel rooms in St. Petersburg for a day. Many of the hotels offer accommodation in economy class rooms at minimal prices and close to the metro. Thus, it is easy to find the cheapest hotels in St. Petersburg, even in the very center of the city, because, most often, the price in hotels does not depend much on the location.

Also, a budget accommodation option includes such a concept in the hotel industry as "off-season" or, simply put, low season, when there are very few tourists in the Northern capital and you can visit the city at a very low price. Usually it's autumn, winter and early spring, when the weather on the street is very so-so, it's raining, a strong wind is blowing and not only tourists, but also Petersburgers themselves, do not really want to walk. But the guests who came on a business trip are only happy to stay at the hotel at a low cost per room.