Foreigners in mini-hotels of St. Petersburg

On January fifteenth, the Federal Law on the Registration of Foreign tourists in the Russian Federation was adopted.
Now, according to the Law, registration of foreign citizens arriving in St. Petersburg and staying in hotels and hotels is carried out by the Federal Migration Service of Russia (FMS of the Russian Federation) in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

System for hotels in Saint Petersburg

During the negotiations between representatives of hotels, hotels and mini-hotels of St. Petersburg and the FMS of Russia in St. Petersburg, it was possible to find a compromise solution - the introduction of a new system that allows foreign citizens to register hotels electronically via the Internet. The introduction of an electronic document system will significantly reduce the time of registration of guests - citizens of foreign countries in hotels in St. Petersburg. Migration registration of foreigners is the responsibility of every accommodation facility that has opened its doors to travelers. For most foreigners, the standard package of documents should be as follows: passport, visa and migration card, which many do not perceive as an official document, but it is. In no case do not throw away the documents that you were given at the border!