Prices of mini hotels in Saint Petersburg

Prices for rooms in mini-hotels in St. Petersburg can vary greatly depending on the season, because, as a rule, the highest prices are offered by mini-hotels in high season, in summer and during the White Nights of St. Petersburg. Accordingly, hotels and inns offer low prices in the off-season, namely, in autumn, winter and early spring. It is at this time that you can visit the Northern capital at a very budget price per room. In general, in the city of St. Petersburg, mini-hotels do not inflate their prices too much, since tourists are unlikely to go to a small hotel for an inflated price. Usually, tourists choose mini-hotels precisely because of the lower price than at large hotels, which is due to the lack of any services from the category of "chic". For example, a spa complex and so on. In small hotels, the main rule is to accommodate a guest comfortably, but without frills.
Unfortunately, prices are rising. And for accommodation including. The same hotels in St. Petersburg prices in 2017 were two times lower than they are now. But after all, the owner does not take the price from the ceiling and does not compose on the go. The room price includes staff salaries, electricity and water bills, any expenses, laundry services, repairs themselves.