Private mini hotels

Comfortable mini-hotels in St. Petersburg are in demand among tourists visiting the city on the Neva, as they change their pricing policy most quickly and flexibly and offer services that are in demand among guests of the city. Most comfort-class mini-hotels are conveniently located near the main metro stations of St. Petersburg.

For example, a private mini-hotel of business class in St. Petersburg, as a rule, will offer you transfer services, meals and comfortable rooms of the first and highest class. And private mini-hotels in St. Petersburg with an emphasis on economy class can offer you breakfast and budget accommodation in rooms with high-quality modern renovation.

Economical mini-hotels and mini-hotels of St. Petersburg are located, as a rule, in new areas of the city near the final metro stations. Most often, such accommodation facilities can be booked by school groups or guests of the city who do not care about the location of the hotel.

Choosing and booking mini-hotels and hotels in St. Petersburg, you can be sure of the optimal choice in terms of price-quality ratio and choose hotel rooms with the required comfort and convenient location in the center of St. Petersburg.