New hotels in St. Petersburg

New hotels in St. Petersburg are opening one after another. Every season you can hear about some new open accommodation facility. In this regard, the official websites of hotels are decorated one more colorful than the other in order to be able to attract more travelers.
The websites of hotels in St. Petersburg should inspire confidence in the tourist, otherwise he simply will not book a room. And also, the new accommodation facilities are satisfied with any promotions or services included in the bill, which will once again entice the tourist to themselves and cheer him up.
For example, these are parking services, spa holidays, breakfast of any format. It is always nice when breakfast is included in the room rate, and your car will be parked on the territory of the accommodation under cameras and supervision. Mini-hotels, of course, are far from such a website of hotels in St. Petersburg or Helvetia, but everything is simple and understandable for a simple tourist. It's also budget-friendly. The only difficulty is that there are so many three-star hotels that your eyes run away, and you can't choose which one is needed and will suit the most. Here it is easiest to turn to the list of reviews for a hotel or a hotel and get acquainted with them, because how else to understand what a hotel is?