Prices of hotels near the metro

Very often travelers choose hotels in St. Petersburg by metro stations. The prices of hotels in St. Petersburg near the metro depend on the distance to the entrance to the station and the area of the city. Hotels located in the immediate vicinity (walking distance) in the historical center of the city are in the greatest demand and have a higher cost of rooms. But this increased cost does not compare with the one you would spend on travel to the subway. It is better to pay for comfort in this case, believe me!

Map of the center of St. Petersburg
For example, the Admiralteyskaya metro station is the Central district, just like the Nevsky Prospekt metro station. These two stations are the very center of the city, where the main historical and cultural attractions are located, such as the Hermitage, Palace Square, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, the Savior on Spilled Blood, as well as the main street of St. Petersburg - Nevsky Prospekt. Hotels in St. Petersburg near the metro in the city center are, first of all, convenient. You, as a tourist, will be able to walk around the city, immediately leaving the hotel, you will be able to arrange a sightseeing tour on foot, which will save you the material side.