Cheap economy class hotels in St. Petersburg

Cheap and inexpensive economy class hotels in St. Petersburg are perfect for guests of the city who have come to the Northern capital for a weekend or a business trip. Cheap hotels in St. Petersburg can be found both on the outskirts of the city and in the very center. Here you need to look at where you will need to get to during your stay in the city. For example, on the outskirts of the city, the price is several times lower even in high season, but here it is worth taking into account that you will get to the city center a decent amount of time, and also spend the same decent amount of money on the way there and back.
Finding cheap hotels in St. Petersburg is real, most often, these are mini-hotels with a room stock of about 10 rooms or less. The design of the rooms is also made quite in the tastes of modernity, but not in the latest peak of fashion. The only thing is that in mini-hotels the "breakfast" service is unlikely to be offered, since it is simply impossible to place this type of service in a small room.