Cheap hotels in Saint Petersburg

Travel in Russia is becoming more popular every year and most often those arriving in St. Petersburg are looking for hotels in the center near the Moscow railway station near the metro and prices per day from two to 2000 - 3000 rubles. And according to reviews, every year the Northern capital gives thousands of tourists the opportunity to find accommodation in inexpensive economy class hotels in the city. In place of the classic large hotels, home mini-hotels are gaining steady popularity. In the center and on Nevsky Prospekt, they are distinguished by an affordable price. Most of the mini-hotels have a very good location near the metro in the center of St. Petersburg. Such relatively cheap mini-hotels are popular for a comfortable stay in the city on the Neva.

Hotels in St. Petersburg rent rooms cheaply, for several reasons. First of all, this is the lack of additional services provided in classic hotels. The service of inexpensive economy class hotels in St. Petersburg in most cases includes either a continental breakfast or a buffet, room cleaning and services provided at the reception desk, such as tea, coffee, ordering railway, air, theater tickets and information support.

As a rule, all inexpensive hotels in St. Petersburg occupy several floors of historical buildings of old construction, with the entrance to the hotel, as a rule, through the front door of the hotel building, which also reduces the cost of hotel rooms.

Otherwise, economy mini-hotels in St. Petersburg are not inferior to large hotels either in the comfort of rooms or in the quality of service. Especially if these are inexpensive hotels in St. Petersburg on Nevsky Prospekt - they can be budget, but with a lot of advantages. And if hotels in St. Petersburg are rented cheap with breakfast, this is generally a storehouse.

Inexpensive and cheap hotels and mini-hotels in St. Petersburg make up the category of the most popular accommodation facilities. As a rule, such temporary accommodation facilities are located in the new districts of St. Petersburg in the immediate vicinity of metro stations.